Harris Speaks: 04/30/05

Gary Delagnes, a former president of the city’s police union who would later have a falling-out with Harris over her refusal to seek the death penalty in the case of a young police officer who was shot to death while on patrol, recalled a party where Harris approached him to ask for his support. "I was standing in the corner," he said.

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Recently, David Samuels interviewed Sam Harris in Venice Beach, California. Harris’ first book, "The End of Faith," had an explosive impact in this country and while many considered it a much-needed breath of fresh air, others, especially conservative Christians, thought it proved he was the antiChrist.

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 · She speaks with the always ridiculous Tim Wise and let’s him prattle on without editing. A real shame that since he presents life as a zero sum game, a duality in which someone is either up or down.. you said that wasn’t true, when Senator Harris brought that up. There was a fact check of that, and they said that was true.. 04/30 – 05/07.