More On Equitable Mortgage & Usury (Florida)

Florida law does not use the term "personal loan" at all. Florida statute 687.03 is the usury statute. It provides generally that the maximum interest rate that may be charged on a loan is 18% simple interest unless the loan principal exceeds $500,000, in which case an alternate rate of interest is used for usury.

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equitable liens in that in the former situation the subrogee accedes to a pre-existing lien or one already established, whereas in the case of equit-able liens, the lienor acquires a new lien which never before existed. The equitable lien should also be distinguished from the common-law possessory lien.

The Equitable Mortgage Corporation is dedicated to client satisfaction. We take every loan request very seriously and use our expertise to better serve you. Being a direct lender with in-house underwriting and funding, we have simplified the process.

The Usury Endorsement is issued only in conjunction with the Loan Policy. This endorsement insures against loss by reason of invalidity or unenforceability of the lien of the insured mortgage resulting from violation of the usury laws of a specific state in effect at date of policy. Underwriting Requirements:

Second, while there is no specific reference to either the equitable mortgage doctrine or Florida Statute Section 697.01 (which is the Florida legislature’s codification of the equitable mortgage doctrine), it is arguable that the court’s determination that the transaction was a disguised loan represents an implicit determination that the transaction was an equitable mortgage.

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A legal rate of interest is the highest rate of interest that can be legally charged on any type of debt, for which a lender must adhere to. The legal rate of interest applies to all types of debt.

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